Death by Chopstick

Paperback – 288 pages

A Felly Van Vliet Mystery

In the sequel to Murder On The Rocks! there is a return to China and freak accident in a plane crash along the way, setting the tone for Felly’s experiences and observations of a swiftly developing country sometimes likened to an overturned apple-cart. 

So much has changed in the four years since her last visit to the mainland: more cars than bicycles in post-Olympic China are crowding the ever widening highways, for one thing. And when a colleague dies in a suspicious chemistry lab fire, Felly realises that all is not quite right in an economy bursting with new ideas of renewable energy and sustainable growth. 

As an international teacher on assignment, our heroine has placed herself in a world where the past has not quite merged with its future. There are many taking advantage along the way, as present day China comes to the forefront with nothing certain and nobody who they seem. 
Full of rich insight into the developing world, Felly questions all she confronts while playing out her part as an international teacher in an educational environment of warmly humorous characters and their more avaricious counterparts.

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