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Sherry Marie Gallagher
Shers is a US expat living in The Netherlands and will happily answer your remarks and questions regarding her work, travels and the book(s) you may have bought or want to buy. She is often present on Facebook, so check out her page & posts!
Before you contact her please check the below sections.

Buying Shers’ books from LuLu and Amazon
Both services offer the same quality and shipping options, but sometimes at different prices. You might want to visit them both to compare. Acquiring a book is easy – per book you can make a choice between a digital ebook (ePub/Kindle) and a paperback version from LuLu or Amazon. The latter also offers an Kindle app.
Just click the buttons that go with the titles on their respective title page and you will be taken to a selection where you can choose. Since prices can fluctuate due to policies with Lulu or Amazon Shers decided not to state the prices here on this site. 

Shers’ books are offered at the lowest prices possible for your benefit, though sometimes a used version is available at a discount. Please buy a newly printed version if the price doesn’t differ that much – thank you for supporting her work. It takes quite an amount of time and personal input to deliver a volume: having the work proofread and edited, the cover designed and, lastly, putting the work into print for sales. Any remark about the printing, shipping and handling should go to the vendor, but Shers would appreciate a note if you were happy to receive a perfect specimen (or not). It’s always nice to know how her works are being treated.

Spreading the word
Today we are drowning in the vast internet ocean and the likelihood of being discovered has decreased enormously. If you have read one or more of her books, Shers invites you to send her a short review that she could use on this website.
You can contact her through Facebook / Messenger / Email — no problem! (see below)

Following Aisling Books on Facebook will also bring you into contact with news, events and author thoughts and ideas. You can help Shers further by putting her web link on your Facebook page, Twitter account…even your own website. If willing, please include a personal note along with it too!

Let’s hear from you!

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