Betrayal of Bosch

Paperback – 242 pages


Mystery and intrigue are brought to a 16th century artist’s masterwork: ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’

Jheronimus Bosch (a 16th century Dutch painter) and his colourful triptych come into play when a professor’s drowning raises age old questions about human nature and the choices we make, some more puzzling than others. With both feet planted in boats adrift on fluid waters, Bosch’s ‘Tree Man’ is the antithesis of all that is on solid ground: of life, love and the roads travelled while mystery and intrigue are brought to his masterwork, ‘The Garden of Earthly Delights’.
Fourth in the series of the Felly van Vliet Mysteries, ‘Betrayal Of Bosch’ takes place in the South Holland and Brabant cities of Leiden and Den Bosch as Felly returns to the classroom and her husband Kieran to his law practice. Both have been working more remotely from home while raising their daughter Femke to primary school age; and now, with mischievous Ragdoll kittens added to the mix, all is bliss until disrupted by the bizarre circumstances surrounding the drowning of a colleague.

‘An actively prolific novelist, Sherry Marie Gallagher again shows off her art as a dazzlingly culture rich storyteller’
Daniela Verzaro; Accademia Estiva de Cervo, Liguria, Italy

‘Another sweet tale of crime and mystery that is once again likely to spark huge interests in the local populations of Ireland and the Netherlands’
Celtic Chronicles: Cork, Ireland

A naturally compelling storyteller weaving characters and cultures into colourful storylines”
David Bjorkman, Zone 913: Boulder, Colorado USA 


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